Fallout 3 Logo
Fallout 3


Bethesda Softworks



Preceeded By

Fallout 2

Followed By

Possibly in the Future Fallout 4

ESRB Rating

M - Mature (17+)

Release Date

October 9th, 2008


First-Person Shooter/Third Person Shooter/Role-Playing Game/Horror-Survival

Year Game Takes Place


Fallout 3 is the video game this wikia is all about. It was made by Bethesda Softworks after they bought the rights to the Fallout series, it is very loyal to the previous Fallout games and yet is very different. Fallout 3's combat is like a first-person shooter, unlike the turn based combat in the first two games. Fallout 3 came out on October 9th, 2008.

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