Vault 92
149442 800px Vault 92
A Bloatfy near the entrance to the sound lab



Side Quest:

Agatha's Song


Soil Stradavarius, Chems, mirelurk meat, Nuka Cola Quantum, skill book


Mirelurks, bloatflies, Deathclaws, gas leaks, mines, rigged shotguns.

Vault 92 is just outside of Old Olney, still in it's lighter map square. It is located under a group of three dead trees in the area of the gutted houses.


The Vault door is ominously open when you find it, and remember to search the table to you right as soon as you open the door, it has two first aid boxe and a laser pistol. On the top part of the door room, there is a table with broken terminals, search it for a holotape.